Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1
Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1

Louise & Fred - AirWave 7in1

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Why Louise & Fred™

Because You Deserve the Best

Say "Yes" to revolutionary styling with the "AirWave 7in1" by Louise&fred® – your all-in-one solution for effortless hair transformations. This device is designed for everyone, regardless of age or hair styling experience. In just a short time, it can create stunning waves, curls, and add incredible volume to your hair. No comparison to traditional straighteners or curling irons. It also includes a straightening brush attachment that works perfectly. Even styling your bangs is a breeze with the round brush attachment. This device is truly a must-have for every woman!

  • The styler creates curls or waves in an extremely short time.
  • No burning like with a curling iron and old-fashioned curls.
  • Dry hair magically absorbs and adds volume to curls.
  • Easy for anyone to use - regardless of age or skill level.
  • THE BEST - the cooling button - becomes ice-cold within 4 seconds for maximum hold!!
  • Top quality and much cheaper than the competition!!


    These 7 attachments will lead you to an unimaginable result.

    Hair Dryer

    This attachment allows you to dry your hair quickly and effectively. It distributes heat evenly and minimizes the risk of heat damage.

    Left-Right Curly Hair
    With this , you can create beautiful and defined curls. Simply wrap the hair around the attachment, hold, and slide down to achieve perfect curls.

    Straight Hair Comb
    This attachment ensures smooth, shiny hair. It glides gently through the hair and effectively straightens it, giving a silky finish.

    Twister Comb
    Ideal for detangling and smoothing the hair. It helps to untangle knots while simultaneously combing the hair, achieving a well-groomed appearance.

    Wind Hood
    This attachment gives your hair added volume and fullness. The specially designed bristles lift the hair at the root, resulting in a voluminous outcome.

    It changes the flow of the air coming out of the blowdryer. Instead of just coming out hot & fast all over, the concentrator focuses the airflow for more targeted drying


    Much more affordable than the competition, yet still offering excellent salon quality for every hair type, at home.

    Our Styler..

    is so good that we use it in our salon almost for every client who previously had a styling with a GHD straightener! Why..
    • faster
    • cooling button!
    • Lasts longer 
    • More volume
      And this is Amanda... she is one of our customers who extremely enjoys using the styler. She is a well-known blogger and loves it. Check out the result!

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